As a Flat Rock Village Council member, I have and will continue to make decisions based on facts and honest input from Flat Rock residents. I will choose what is the best benefit that can be derived from all information, data, and input and consider how any changes will impact the nature of the village.

I have and will use long term planning provided by previous and future planning boards and choose options that are best for the future of our community.

  • I will work to protect the Village’s investment in the park and promote greenways and connectivity. Henderson County is committed to a bike and pedestrian plan. We need to be ready to take advantage of this plan and its benefits for Flat Rock.

  • I will honor and recognize the historic aspect of Flat Rock. I believe the past should be honored, but that the future should be considered. Making our village a unique and vibrant community will ensure that future generations will want to live here and keep Flat Rock history alive.

  • I will work to keep our taxes low and still provide services that keep the community a beautiful and desirable place to live.

  • I will seek accountability for the services that Flat Rock pays for with taxpayer money.

  • I will work with the County Commissioners and Sheriff’s Department to find solutions for animal control in Flat Rock.

  • I will continue to ensure that the workings of the Flat Rock Council remain transparent in every aspect.

  • I will work with the Flat Rock Planning Board to create parameters for short term rentals.

  • I will work with and support the Park Foundation in raising funds for sustainability and operations in the park.

  • I will work every day to make Flat Rock a safe and efficient community for all current and future residents to be proud of.


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During my tenure on the Village Council, Ginger has been the hardest working, most committed member of the Village Council. There is no job she won’t tackle. No task too big for her to succeed. She is an exceptional resource for Flat Rock.
— Paige Posey, Village Council
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About Ginger

Flat Rock Village Council 2015 to Present. Responsible for:

•Park Oversight
•Park Commission Long Term Planning committee
•Kudzu Committee
•Shred Day event organizer

Worked as a metallurgical quality engineer on aircraft turbine engine parts. Moved to Flat Rock in 2006 after living in New Hampshire for 20 years.

•Chair, Flat Rock Park exploratory commission-2012
•Chair, Flat Rock Park design committee 2013
•Flat Rock Park Advisory Board 2014-2015
•Past Highland Lake HOA President
•Planning Board, Flat Rock 2013-2015

Master Gardener- UNH and UNC Extension Office
Past Highland Lake HOA President

Ginger with her husband, Bill.

Ginger with her husband, Bill.